So a little bit of information about me.  I live in lovely, historic Cape May County, NJ where I split my time between being an Optician and co-owning a gallery with my friend, Mary Stewart.  I am a self-taught photographer, who has a passion for taking images and manipulating them on the computer.  While I enjoy traditional photography, I simply love the challenge of making something new, exciting and different, out of an ordinary image.  I enjoy working with Black and White, High Dynamic Range,  Overlays, Composites, and Photoshop.  I frequently take workshops in order to learn new skills.

I have spent years gathering pictures to create a diverse "Destination Portfolio". My images reflect the many places I have visited.  Some are iconic like the Eiffel Tower in Paris and the Tower Bridge in London, to less know images from different botanical gardens  in Europe and the US.  My goal is to provide interesting images that people will want to display in their homes. Hopefully, my images will trigger memories of the wonderful places you have visited!

My Photo Galleries include many countries in Europe, the Caribbean, the US, and Mexico.

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Grazing Zebras

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